Free Penetration Test
In a few simple steps you will have the same knowledge about your network as a prospective hacker.
What's the catch?
There isn't one. We are aiming this free service at organisations. All you have to do is enter your organisation name and your email address. No spam.
Increased awareness
After that, you get the results straight away. If you are concerned and need help, contact us. We can help.

Want your free IT Security Check?

Initiate the first step of a penetration test. FREE.

Welcome to IT Security Check

We want to help you improve your network security. By teaming up with our partners at Vis Viva Ltd. we are able to offer an online IT security check that simulates the first step in a hacking attack. It will show you what a hacker might see when doing the first round of recon on your network.

We want to help your organisation become more secure. This test will serve as the starting point for improving your organisation’s security, progressing to whatever point you wish – PCI DSS, ISO 27001 etc.

Vis Viva Ltd. offers ISMS consultancy, ISO 27001 Auditing and penetration testing services. Please contact them if the results of the scan are of concern.