Free Penetration Test

1. Input your email and organisation name, authorise the scan.
2. Wait for the scan to complete.
3. View the results. It's as simple as that!
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This free penetration test will simulate the first stage of a real pen test. It will show you what a prospective hacker might see if they were to look at your network with the following provisos:

  • It will only scan the IP that made the request.
  • It will not be exhaustive. A real hacker would see more.
  • We will not be held accountable for any consequential issues of any kind. There shouldn't be any. Don't worry.

If you want to scan your organisation's network, initiate the scan from any system inside it. It will only scan what is visible from the internet.

If the results are of concern and you want help in dealing with them, please contact Vis Viva Ltd. If we have any specific concerns we will contact you.